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MD-902 (Medical Helicopter)

MD-902  PH-SHF


Mirage-2000 (French Air Force)

Mirage 2000B  522

EC 02.005

F-4 Phantom II (German Air Force)

F-4F Phantom II  37+89

JG 73

Jaguar (French Air Force)

Jaguar  A154, E6

EC 01.007

F-16 Fighting Falcon (Royal Netherlands Air Force)

F-16 J-002

323 Sqn

PA-200 Tornado IDS (German Navy)

Tornado IDS  45+27


F-15 Eagle (US Air Force)

F-15E  91-0601

494th FS

EF-2000 Typhoon (Prototyp DA7)

Typhoon  MMX603

Allenia Ind.

A-4 Skyhawk (Singapore Air Force)

TA-4SU  932

150 Sqn

MiG-21 Lancer-B (Romanian Air Force)

MiG-21UM  9501

Grupul 86

CM.170 Fouga Magister (Belgian Air Force)

CM-170  MT14

1 Wg

Alpha Jet (Belgian Air Force)

Alpha Jet A  AT24, AT26

1 Wg

F-16 Fighting Falcon (Turkish Air Force)

F-16C  94-0087

191 Filo

JAS-39 Gripen (Swedish Air Force)

JAS-39A Gripen  39173

F 10

Rafale (Dassault Ind.)

Rafale B  302

Dassault Ind.

Harrier GR.9 (Royal Air Force)

Harrier GR.9  ZD378

20 (R) Sqn

F-16 Fighting Falcon (Royal Netherlands Air Force)

F-16A  J-016

312 Sqn

AMX (Italian Air Force)

AMX  MM7101

103 Gruppo

JA-37 Viggen (Swedish Air Force)

JA-37 Viggen  37411

F 16

PA-200 Tornado IDS (German Air Force)

Tornado IDS  43+02

JaboG 38

Nimrod MR.2 (Royal Air Force)

Nimrod MR.2  XV254

201 Sqn

MiG-29 Fulcrum (German Air Force)

MiG-29G  29+18

JG 73

A-4 Skyhawk (Singapore Air Force)

A-4SU  938

150 Sqn

Saab J-105 (Austrian Air Force)

Saab J-105  1132

FlRgt 3/3

F-35 Lightning II (Moke Up)



PA-200 Tornado F.3 (Royal Air Force)

Tornado F.3  ZE295

56 (R) Sqn

L-39 Albatros (ex.East German Air Force)   sold to Skyline Aviation (Estonia: as "ES-YLL")


Skyline Aviation

JA-37 Viggen (Swedish Air Force)

JA-37 Viggen  37434

F 16

F-16 Fighting Falcon (Royal Netherlands Air Force)

F-16B  J-066

323 Sqn

Su-20 Fitter (ex 98+62 German Air Force, ex Egypt Air Force)

SU-20  "56"

Preserved in fake Russian

colors, ex Egypt.


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Photos: M.Kirschstein

LEEUWARDEN 2001 - Open House